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Parking news and updates in Woking

Woking Controlled Parking Zone 1 changes

If you would like to participate in the consultation regarding the proposed changes to Woking Controlled Parking Zone 1 or you would like to know more about our proposals, please visit the Woking Controlled Parking Zone 1 changes page.

2020 parking review

Site visits are scheduled to take place during September and October 2020, for presentation to the December 2020 Joint Committee.

2019 parking review

All the requests submitted for this review have now been assessed. We have read through all the documentation and completed all of our site assessments.

A report of our findings and recommendations will be presented to the Woking Joint Committee at the meeting on 25 September 2019.

2018 parking review

All the lines and signs for this review are now fully installed. All the new restrictions came into operation at the beginning of February 2019.