Parking news and updates in Woking

Woking parking review 2022

Site assessments for this parking review were carried out in December 2021 and January 2022.

Following these site visits, we presented a report of recommendation to the 4 April 2022 Joint Committee meeting asking for councillor approval to formally advertise and consult on the proposals we would like to proceed with.

The consultation took place from 24 June until 22 July 2022. Thank you to everybody who participated. All feedback is now being complied into a report. The report will be distributed to councillors to read, and together we will make decisions on how to proceed at each location. A final decisions report will then be published on the Woking parking review 2022 web page, and distributed to everybody who participated in the consultation to let them know the outcome.

You can still view a drawing of what changes were advertised on the Woking parking review 2022 web page. Drawings are displayed towards the bottom of the page and by County Councillor division.

Woking parking review 2020

Site visits for Woking parking review were carried out during September 2020. A report of recommendations following the site visits was presented to, and approved by, the members of the Woking Joint Committee. Please view Item 11 of the virtual 11 November 2020 meeting.

The proposals were then formally advertised during March and April 2021. A total of 374 responses were received. If you submitted a response, thank you for taking part. After the consultation closed, all the feedback was read and assessed by Officers and Councillors. After deliberations and discussions, final decisions were made. The final decisions report has now been published and is available to read on the Woking parking review.

After some delays due to resource issues with our contractor, the approval restrictions have now all been installed across the borough and enforcement of them is taking place.