Parking news and updates in Waverley

Waverley electric vehicle recharging points

As part of our on-street charge point rollout, we are installing the following additional seven electric vehicle recharging point locations in Waverley. Plans of these locations are shown in the Waverley Electric Vehicle Recharging Points 2022 PDF available at the bottom of this page.

  • Morley Road, Farnham. Drawing number 24034.
  • Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead. Drawing number 24044.
  • Ballfield Road, Farncombe. Drawing number 24087.
  • Bourne Road, Farncombe. Drawing number 24113.
  • Wolseley Road, Farncombe. Drawing number 24146.
  • Station Road, Farncombe. Drawing number 24090.
  • Catteshall Lane, Godalming. Drawing number 24078.

As we provide more recharging points across the county, we help to make it easier for electric vehicle users to charge their vehicles, which encourages other drivers to switch to electric vehicles over time. These additional locations were considered as part of Surrey's electric vehicle strategy and will help to meet the government's Road to Zero, an ambitious strategy towards delivering zero-emissions transport across the UK.

Waverley parking review 2023

The Waverley parking review 2023 took place over February and March 2023 and was approved for advertisement by county councillors and the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Team manager in May 2023. The advertisement of the parking proposals is due to take place over the Summer.

Waverley parking review 2021

The Waverley parking review 2021 is still being installed on the ground in some remaining locations. We are trying to complete these as soon as possible.

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