Parking news and updates in Waverley

Waverley parking review 2020

The Waverley parking review 2020, which was approved at Waverley Local Committee on 13 March 2020, has been advertised and we have gone through all of the responses received. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Members have agreed the final decisions for this review, which are included in the decision report available to download and view at the bottom of this page. For all agreed locations, we will begin to arrange all the necessary lining and signing work on the ground, which should be installed over spring/summer this year.

Please note that the responses to the advertised electric vehicle charging points in Waverley were considered separately as part of a report presented to Waverley Local Committee on 13 November 2020. Since this meeting, it has been agreed to proceed with the following three locations only, which are currently being installed on the ground:

  • Hale Road, Farnham
  • Summer's Road, Godalming
  • St Christopher's Green, Haslemere

Files available to download