Farnham Infrastructure Programme


The Farnham Infrastructure Programme (FIP) was formed in 2019 when Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Farnham Town Council and Jeremy Hunt MP committed to work together to tackle the town's air quality and congestion issues.

The programme vision is to deliver attractive, well-integrated, future focused and high-quality infrastructure for Farnham that enables a connected and vibrant town, where people choose to live, work, study and spend their leisure time in more sustainable ways. This is critical for Surrey to meet the targets set out in its Climate Change Strategy and to improve the quality of place in the town.

Objectives for Farnham

  • To rapidly reduce carbon emissions, ensuring that Farnham and Waverley are on track for net zero by 2050
  • Provide well-connected communities across Farnham and the surrounding area
  • Support the economic vitality of Farnham and enable sustainable growth across the wider surrounding area
  • Improve the quality of place in Farnham with clean air, healthy lifestyles, and less dominance of traffic on communities

Project timeline

  • Autumn 2020: Public consultation on the programme's vision
  • February/March 2021: Public consultation on the Optimised Infrastructure Plan
  • October 2021: HGV restrictions are brought in along Castle Hill, Castle Street, Folly Hill and Upper Hale Road; and the A325 reclassified through Farnham Town Centre
  • November 2021: Consultation on 20mph zones; Strategic Outline Business Case for the A31 corridor submitted to the Department for Transport
  • Summer 2022: Public consultation on options for the town centre and the A31 Corridor
  • October 2025: Projected town centre improvements completion date

Current town centre consultation

People who live, visit, study or travel in Farnham are all encouraged to engage in a major consultation which is proposing substantial changes to the town centre.

The proposals are:

  • Castle Street and Downing Street improvements
  • Changing the traffic flow direction, and widening pavements on The Borough, Castle Street and Downing Street

Visit the consultation site for full details Have Your Say Today - Farnham Infrastructure Programme - Commonplace

Key documents

Read further information on the Farnham Infrastructure Programme key documents, including the Farnham Vision Statement and Optimised Infrastructure Plan.

Current projects

As part of the FIP, Surrey County Council are currently working to deliver a number of improvements to Farnham.

For further information on each of the projects, please see dedicated project pages below:

Farnham Board

The Farnham Board is where the programme partners come together to discuss progress. Visit the Farnham Board page to see agendas, reports and minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Read the Farnham Infrastructure Programme frequently asked questions on the Farnham Infrastructure Programme.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or comments about the programme, please email: farnham.infrastructureprogramme@surreycc.gov.uk

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