Short and medium-term improvements or ‘quick wins’ project

This project is looking at a range of changes which can be implemented quickly to make swift improvements to travel around Farnham. The options being considered include:

More information on the project can be found in the programme vision (PDF).

Rerouting of HGVs

Work has started on proposed restrictions of HGVs in the A3016 Upper Hale Road and the A287 Folly Hill, Castle Hill and Castle Street other than for access only. It is hoped that this will prevent HGVs from diverting from the A31 through the town centre, Hale and Upper Hale.

A consultation on proposed HGV restrictions in Farnham closed on 15 April 2021. An update on this consultation was provided at the June Farnham Board.

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Implementation of 20 mph zones and speed restrictions

The programme is considering introducing speed restrictions in the following areas:

  • Town centre – 20mph zone
  • West Street gateway – 20mph limit with gateway feature
  • East Street gateway – 20mph limit
  • Castle Street gateway – 20mph limit
  • Upper Hale – Signage refresh, gateway treatment and Hale School review
  • Heath End - gateway feature

Latest documents

Removing A road category status for the roads that cross the town centre

The possibility of reclassification of some roads through the centre of Farnham is being investigated. The study is looking at the A287 north to south, Folly Hill, Castle Hill, and Castle Street; and the A325 West Street and East Street.

Pedestrian safety on narrow pavements

Councillors have been listening to feedback about the impact of the measures on traffic flow in the town centre, as numbers of car journeys are increasing as lockdown restrictions are lifted. The social distancing measures in The Borough have been removed, while the measures in Downing Street and Castle Street will remain in place. It is hoped that removing the measures on The Borough will help improve traffic flow.

Keeping the measures in Downing Street and Castle Street will support an improved pedestrian experience in the town centre – this is a key aim of the Farnham Infrastructure Programme. The Farnham Infrastructure Programme is currently investigating long-term town centre improvements. Any new solutions will need to avoid moving problems elsewhere, and support increased walking and cycling. Reducing car use in Farnham is the key way to reduce congestion in the town and to improve air quality – residents are asked to walk or cycle into the town centre when they can.