Parking news and updates in Tandridge

Tandridge parking review 2020

During January we carried out site visits and assessments of all the requests for changes to the parking restrictions which we had received since the 2018-19 review and presented a report, with recommendations of which of them should be taken forward for implementation, to the Tandridge Local Committee meeting on 6 March. The committee agreed with the recommendations and, somewhat later than expected because of delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are now ready to formally advertise our intention to introduce the proposed new restrictions. For further details and more information, and to let us know what you think of the proposals, please go to the Tandridge parking review 2020 page before the closing date of 15 October.

Croydon Road and Godstone Road, Caterham free on-street parking places

On 20 August we formally advertised our intention to change the way that some of the short stay parking bays on Croydon Road and Godstone Road in Caterham operate. Although parking in the bays will remain free of charge, and the maximum length of stay allowed will still be one hour, the length of time before a vehicle can be parked there again will be extended from one hour to three hours and, on arrival, drivers will need to enter the vehicle's registration number in a ticket machine and obtain a ticket, which will need to be displayed in the car. There then followed a 28 day period during which people could let us have their views about the idea, which ended on 17 September. We received no objections during this period and so the changes will go ahead. The ticket machines have been ordered and the changes will take effect once they have been installed, which is expected to happen in November.