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Parking news and updates in Tandridge

Coronavirus: suspension of parking related activities

As of 25 March 2020, we are postponing the installation, refreshment or replacement of any road markings or traffic signs relating to parking controls or restrictions in Surrey for a period of three weeks. This is in order to protect our contractors and suppliers and the wider public in the current coronavirus outbreak. This is in line with the council's overarching policy to pause any non-safety critical works on the highway. We will review this decision at the end of the three week period.

Tandridge parking review 2020

We have now started the Tandridge parking review 2020. During January we carried out site visits and assessments of all the requests for changes to the parking restrictions which we had received since the 2018-19 review and we have prepared a report, with recommendations of which of them should be taken forward for implementation, for the Tandridge Local Committee meeting on 6 March. For further information please go to the Tandridge parking review 2020 page.

Tandridge parking review 2018-19

The Tandridge parking review 2018-19 is now complete and the new signs and road markings have been installed, apart from in a very few places where our contractor has not been able to finish off the lining work because of parked cars. They will however return to those locations until everything has been finished off. You can still see the details and more information on the Tandridge parking review 2018-19 page.