Eligibility and application for a free disabled person's bus pass

If your application is successful, your pass will be posted to you.

If your application is not successful, we will contact you for further information.


You may be eligible for a free bus pass if you're a Surrey resident with an eligible disability.

The Department for Transport recognise seven categories that residents can apply for a disabled free bus pass, and you will you will need to provide recent proof of your disability during the application process.

We have published details of the seven categories and the acceptable documents to provide proof online. Please ensure that correct and full page images of documents are included as incorrect proof will delay your application.

There are two ways to apply

1. Online

You'll need

Apply for a free bus pass online

(Please select: 'I have never had a Free Bus Pass and I would like to set up an online account and apply for one')

2. At a library

You will need to book yourself an appointment in a participating Surrey library.

Book a library appointment to apply for a free bus pass

You'll need