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Planning appeals

District and borough councils deal with planning applications for building, extending or converting homes, offices or shops. Surrey County Council deals with applications for minerals or waste-related developments, and for developments to its own property, such as schools and libraries.

Appeals may be made to the Secretary of State in connection with planning applications submitted to the County Council to determine and enforcement notices served by the County Council.

Reason for an appeal

Appeals may be made on one of the following three grounds:

  • refusal of a planning application
  • failure to determine a planning application within the prescribed period, normally within 8 or 13 weeks of validation of the application, depending on the type
  • in respect of any condition attached to a permission, approval or consent issued.

Appeals against Enforcement Notices may be made on a number of grounds relating to the issuing of the notice including the steps required to comply, the period for compliance, and that planning permission should be granted.

Who can appeal

Appeals in connection with planning applications can only be made by the applicant, and must be made in writing to the Planning Inspectorate, an executive agency of the Department for Communities and Local Government based in Bristol.

Only the person or persons on whom an enforcement notice was served can lodge appeals against enforcement notices.

Details of how to obtain appeal forms and where to submit the completed appeal are attached to the notice of the decision on planning applications and enforcement notices.

Further information about making an appeal or participating in the appeal process

Information on how to lodge an appeal, appeal forms and the appeals process, including how appeals are heard and how people other than the appellant, including local residents, can participate in an appeal can be found on the Planning Inspectorate website or via the Planning Portal website.

The Planning Inspectorate has recently launched the Planning Casework Service, which enables appeals to be made online. The system is being implemented in phases and at present only some appeals, such as Enforcement appeals and Listed Building and Conservation Area Enforcement appeals can be made online. Further information about appealing online using the Planning Casework Service is available via the Planning Portal website.

Copies of The Planning Inspectorate's publications "Guide to taking part in Planning Appeals" and "Guide to taking part in Planning Enforcement Appeals" can be obtained from the Planning Department or direct from the Planning Inspectorate:

Room 3 O/P
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
United Kingdom

Tel No. (England) 0303 444 5000

Information about appeals involving Surrey County Council

Information about appeals currently lodged with the Planning Inspectorate against decisions made on planning applications, or enforcement notices served by the County Council, as well as decisions on appeals which have been determined, can be found on our online register.

Planning is a statutory function and any information is held on the lawful basis of public task (in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended, related orders and regulations). If you have submitted a planning application to Surrey County Council or made a comment on a planning application, your name, address and contact details will be saved in our files, electronic and paper. We do this so we can notify you of amendments to the proposal, the outcome of the application, if an appeal is lodged against the application, and subsequent applications in respect of the site. This information will be retained indefinitely as part of the background information on which the planning decision has been based. Additionally, all submissions will be sent to the relevant Borough or District Council to be placed on the Planning Register as this is their responsibility. In the event of an appeal or a 'call-in' by the Secretary of State, your submissions may be copied to the Planning Inspectorate or the National Planning Casework Unit.

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