Planning enforcement of minerals, waste and county development

The planning division within Surrey County Council's planning development group deals with planning matters regarding the extraction of minerals (sand, gravel, clay, chalk, oil and gas), the disposal, storage and processing of waste and the raising of land levels through the deposit of waste materials.

Our enforcement team monitor the progress of development permitted by the County Council and seek to control unauthorised mineral and waste related development.

Planning enforcement protocol

The planning enforcement protocol provides guidance on the factors that the County Council will take into account when deciding whether to take enforcement action in relation to a breach of planning control.

Each individual case will be considered on its own merits against not only the protocol but also the relevant Development Plan and Government guidance before any decision is taken. The Protocol is available to download below.

Enquiries/complaints regarding sites with planning permission issued by Surrey County Council

Breaches of planning control should be reported as soon as possible to the enforcement staff. This will allow us to investigate and remedy the problem without delay. Your complaints concerning permitted sites and unauthorised activity will be investigated and you will receive a response explaining what, if any action has or will be taken. Enforcement action may be taken where expedient to remedy a breach of planning control. These FAQs on monitoring and enforcing should help explain how we decide what to do when we receive an enquiry or complaint about minerals or waste development.

In order to deal with your concerns as effectively as possible, please provide us with the following information:

a) your name and contact details, telephone, email or postal address.
b) the name or location of the site and the operating company, if possible.
c) a description of the nature of the complaint/enquiry.
d) the date and time of your communication.

Please note:

  • Anonymous complaints will be investigated but will not be treated as priority.
  • Complainants will be treated confidentially as far as practicable.
  • Personal information including names, addresses and contact details, supplied to us through the online Planning Enforcement Enquiry/Complaint Report function, email, letter or verbally on the telephone, will be retained on our files, electronic and paper, exclusively for the use of Planning and Enforcement staff. The information will then be retained indefinitely as part of the history of the site about which the enforcement enquiry/complaint has been made. Planning Enforcement is undertaken in line with the County Council's Enforcement Protocol and is undertaken on the lawful basis of public task (in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended, related orders and regulations).

Who to contact

Enforcement officers:

  • Ian Gray, Team Leader Planning Enforcement
  • Paul Warner, Senior Planning Enforcement Officer

Telephone: 020 8541 9897

Or you can use the planning enforcement enquiry/complaint report

Or write to us at:

Planning Enforcement and Monitoring Team
Quadrant Court
35 Guildford Road
GU22 7QQ

Fly tipping

Unauthorised or illegal tipping is not dealt with by planning enforcement officers.

Find out who to contact about fly tipping.

Monitoring and enforcement of county development (Regulation 3)

The county council is both applicant and determining planning authority in respect of schools, infrastructure and other investment programmes. This is permitted under Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning Act. Where irreconcilable planning disputes arise, there is no direct way of resolving matters, because the County Council is unable to take enforcement action against itself.

The Surrey County Council development (Regulation 3) monitoring and enforcement protocol is used as a way of addressing concerns in respect of non-compliance with planning permission, and is available below.

To contact the Regulation 3 Team in terms of a monitoring query or concern please email or call 020 8541 9897

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