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Surrey Record Society

The mission of Surrey Record Society is to publish records relating to the historic county of Surrey, which includes the parishes of South London as far east as Rotherhithe. Since its foundation in 1913 the society has published transcripts, translations and abstracts of texts ranging in date from the twelfth to the nineteenth century.

The subject matter is extraordinarily varied, including records of central and local government, documents illuminating the ecclesiastical, manorial, industrial and military history of Surrey and private diaries and correspondence. Each text is provided with a full general introduction by expert scholars, to explain, interpret and set the text in context.

Through its publications many important documents (often in Latin and difficult to decipher) held in repositories in and outside the county have been made accessible and comprehensible to those interested in exploring Surrey's rich history and the story of the people who lived in the county. If the society's work is to continue, it needs the support of all those individuals, local societies and institutions who benefit from its publications.


Individuals and institutions alike are eligible for membership at an annual subscription of £5. Members receive a copy of any volume published in a year for which they have paid a subscription and can buy back numbers of other volumes at greatly reduced prices. Some older volumes are now available free of charge apart from the cost of postage and packing. There may be years in which no volume is produced.

To join the society complete the application form below and return it to the Hon Secretary SRS, c/o Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road, Woking GU21 6ND. Tel: 01483 518737. Email:

It saves on the society's administrative overheads, if members pay by standing order. If you would like to do this please complete and return the form below.

What's new from Surrey Record Society

Vol XLVI The Accounts for the Manor of Esher in the Winchester Pipe Rolls, 1235-1376 ed. David Stone, 2017

The accounts for the Manor of Esher in the Winchester Pipe Rolls 1235-1376 SRS XLVIFree to members. Price to non-members £30. Postage and packing £3.50 (UK)

The Winchester Pipe Rolls are the most famous series of estate accounts that survive for medieval England, particularly because of their early start date and astonishing level of detail. In the early 1230s, the bishopric of Winchester bought the Surrey manor of Esher and the accounts for the manor in the Pipe Rolls record a prodigious amount of information about the development and management of the manor and the lives of the people who lived and worked there. The accounts reveal how this elite landscape was laid out and its agricultural resources exploited and also provide glimpses of the fortunes of the local peasantry through a period of climate change, periodic famine, livestock disease and, notoriously, the Black Death.

The volume contains annotated translations of forty-four of Esher's surviving accounts, supported by a comprehensive introduction and statistical analysis by Dr Stone, a specialist in the history of medieval agriculture.

Forthcoming volumes

Volumes in preparation include:

  • A groundbreaking study of the Traveller community in Surrey in the early 20th century, edited by Dr Alan Wright
  • Surrey-related extracts from the world's first periodical, The Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-1754, edited by Julian Pooley
  • The register of Thomas Langton, Bishop of Winchester, 1493-1501, edited by Dr David Wright
  • Private letters of Tudor women from the extraordinary archive of the More-Molyneux family of Loseley Park

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