Leadership Team

Our Corporate Leadership Team provides strategic direction to the whole council. It includes the Chief Executive, the Deputy Chief Executive and the Directors of our directorates as shown below.

Please use the postal address on the contact us general enquiries page for any correspondence for members of the Leadership Team or call the contact centre with your questions or comments.

Chief Executive

Joanna Killian

Find out about: our Chief Executive

Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director - Resources

Leigh Whitehouse

Find out about: How the Council works

Executive Director of Prosperity, Partnerships and Growth

Michael Coughlin

Find out about: Prosperity, Partnerships and Growth

Executive Director of Environment, Transport and Infrastructure

Katie Stewart

Find out about: Environment, Transport and Infrastructure

Joint Executive Director of Public Service Reform Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands

Rachel Crossley

Find out about: Health and welfare and Surrey Heartlands

Joint Executive Director Adult Social Care and Integrated Commissioning

Liz Bruce

Find out about: Adult Social Care

Executive Director of Children, Families and Lifelong Learning

Rachael Wardell

Find out about: Children, Families and Lifelong Learning

Executive Director of Customer and Communities

Marie Snelling

Find out about: Our customer promise

Strategic Director of Communications, Public Affairs and Engagement

Andrea Newman

Find out about: Surrey Matters magazine for residents

Dan Quin Acting Chief Fire Officer

Chief Fire Officer

Dan Quin

Find out about: Surrey Fire and Rescue

Sarah Kershaw Cheif of Staffr

Chief of Staff

Sarah Kershaw

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