Meet Surrey’s Countryside Code Champions

Helping everyone to enjoy the countryside

Heading to the countryside? Meet the new Surrey Countryside Champions, encouraging visitors to take care of the county's green spaces and to feel more confident when visiting.

The champions, identified by Surrey County Council and the Surrey Hills Board, represent a variety of local communities and organisations and remind visitors of the importance of following the Countryside Code, national statutory guidance to help protect natural spaces.

Through a series of videos our champions discuss why following the code is important to them and how you can enjoy the countryside whilst playing your part to protect it for future generations. Each champion tackles an important aspect of the national Countryside Code such as being wildfire aware, caring for nature, planning ahead, respecting all users, leaving no trace and slowing down for horses.

Meet our Countryside Code champions

Ben is a volunteer for the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service who explains the importance of protecting our commons particularly during dry weather spells when wildfires can be as devastating to wildlife and habitats as they are to people and property.

Louis and Zhinlap are wardens for the Thames Basin Heaths Partnership who explain the importance of protecting our commons for current and future generations and highlight a few tips on caring for nature.

Rishi is a hiker who loves visiting Surrey's countryside by train and talks about the importance of preparing in advance for a day in the countryside planning how to get there.

John and Nigel are cyclists and members of the Mole Valley Cycle Forum highlight the importance of sharing the space with other users and a few tips on being cycle aware.

Nick is a farmer who talks about working farms and gives tips on how you can visit the countryside but leaving no trace of your visit.

Jane and Maggie are horse riders who regularly use and love the Surrey countryside, give reminders on what you should do when you come across a horse and rider.

In addition to the videos, posters featuring the champions can be found on site across Surrey's Countryside Estate and more widely across the Surrey Hills. Find out more about the Countryside Code and meet our Surrey Countryside Champions.

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