Lifting the lid on Surrey’s food waste

July food waste savings

Make your food waste matter

New data has shown that more than half of all food waste that could be recycled in Surrey, is ending up in rubbish bins. Help fight food waste this winter and let your leftovers live on by filling your food bin.

Free weekly collections mean it's easier than you think to reduce your food waste footprint and help the planet. Recycling also helps to save money that could be spent on essential services, as it costs less to recycle food than it does to dispose of it as rubbish. If all of Surrey's food waste is recycled it could save a whopping £4 million.

Once your food caddy is full, your recycling is collected and taken to an anaerobic digestion facility. Here, food waste is broken down to produce biogas, which is collected and used to generate enough electricity to power your home.

While you watch your waste, try out our three simple steps to reduce the amount of food that ends up in your bin.

  1. Use an app to help plan your shopping and meals in advance to avoid over-buying
  2. Freeze leftovers and food that is nearing its use by date
  3. Try out a new recipe to use up leftovers

For more information on food waste recycling or to discover more tips and leftover recipes, visit the Surrey Environment Partnership website.

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