Helping businesses reduce energy costs

How businesses are benefitting from the LoCASE grant

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can receive a grant of up to £20,000 to implement energy efficiency measures, to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs. They can also access free courses to help develop their business.

Businesses that can apply for funding can be from a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, tradesman and care, to fund a variety of projects such as lighting, electric vans, solar panels and equipment to transform waste.

So far grants worth over a total of £210,000 have been awarded to over 35 projects, to help businesses get greener. If you think your business could benefit from funding, visit the LoCASE website, or if you'd like to sign up to free courses, visit the our business grant web pages. If you have any questions you can also email

Below are just some of the businesses that are benefiting from the LoCASE grant. What's stopping you enquiring today?

Automotive Centre, Reigate and Banstead

Funding was used to purchase and install additional solar panels to reduce the use of imported electricity from the grid. The electricity generated is used to power the premises and work being done as well as provide electric vehicle charging, replace gas heating and stored in battery for later use.

Savings: An estimated £4,800 annually on energy bills, 3.47 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, safeguarded nine jobs and supported an apprentice programme.

Pharmacy, Epsom and Ewell

This company is using LoCASE funding to replace their diesel van which did 25,000 miles a year, with an electric second-hand van to run the deliveries between the stores and to customers. As a result, the electric van requires less maintenance, is cheaper to run and is contributing towards improving air quality.

Savings: 4.25 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent and safeguarded two jobs.

Dry cleaning business, Spelthorne

A family run business which has been operating for 30 years is using LoCASE funding to replace the 17 dry-cleaning and 20 year old washing machines which run 6-8 hours a day. Now 70-80% of dry-cleaning business is done with the new machine, using biodegradable detergent rather than the usual dry cleaning chemical, the business can offer much greener dry cleaning services. And it is also saving enormously on electricity and water.

Savings: £4,212 and 3.04 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year.

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