Growing Surrey’s grass verges wild for bees and flowers

Wondering why our grass is getting longer in some areas?

To help us achieve our mission for a greener future for the residents of Surrey and improve biodiversity, we will be cutting the grass less on our highways verges to benefit insects and encourage wild flowering.

From April 2023, Surrey County Council will take over responsibility for highway grass cutting and weed control across the whole of the county, which has historically been carried out by district and borough councils. Junctions and sightlines will continue to be cut regularly to ensure they are safe for drivers and pedestrians to cross, while other verges will be cut four times a year in urban areas and twice a year in rural locations. There will also be one targeted weed spray taking place each year.

With 41% of insect species in decline and only 3% of wild grassland remaining in the UK, we want to protect Surrey's future for upcoming generations to enjoy. By managing our 3,000 miles of verges and our roundabouts differently we hope to make a significant impact by increasing biodiversity, helping wildlife to thrive and encourage more carbon absorption. We're also supporting the national Blue Campaign which is all about councils and residents across the UK finding land suitable to let nature take over and grow wildflowers.

How you can get involved

You know your area, so we'd like you to help identify land such as verges or roundabouts which are suitable to be left uncut.

If you'd like to get involved you need to:

  • Pick a location where you believe it will be beneficial for the environment for the grass to be left uncut
  • Maintain the area by raking or removing annual grass cuttings and picking up litter but only if it's safe to do so
  • Make or purchase a blue heart our Blue Campaign web page to show your support
  • You can also do your bit by not cutting an area of grass in your garden. In return you'll get a healthy garden full of colour and life.

Visit our Blue Campaign web page to find out more and to tell us about a site near you or follow the community led initiative, Surrey's Wildflowering Project UK, on Facebook for inspiration.

For more information visit our grass cutting web page.

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