First on-street electric vehicle charging points are live

Electric car charge point

Working together to reduce our emissions

Electric cars are becoming more common on our streets now, so its important to provide ways to help people who are unable to charge their cars at home to swap to this greener form of travel.

That's why Surrey County Council, along with four borough councils and the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership have joined together to start a trial of on-street electric car charging points.

Where are the new charging points?

The first of the on-street charging points are now live.

  • There are two bays in Hale Road, Farnham
  • Four in Summers Road, Farncombe
  • And four in Farnham Lane/St Christopher's Green in Haslemere.
  • Over the coming months, there will be 20 each in Guildford, Spelthorne, Woking and Waverley boroughs

It will only take a couple of hours for the 22 kilowatt charging points to charge up to 80% of an electric vehicle battery, at a cost of 30p per kilowatt hour (kWh) (based on a Nissan Leaf 2018 with a battery capacity of 40 kWh).

There are also 75 public charge points in car parks run by Surrey's borough and district councils, and more than 200 more in the county provided by the private sector.

What is the trial for?

The aim of the trial is to understand key issues relating to on-street charging and the impacts of installing chargers – such as the cost, policies, public support and maintenance.

It will also provide first-hand experience of installation, analysis of usage patterns and analysis of surrounding impacts such as air quality.

Why should we move to electric vehicles?

In Surrey, 46 per cent of carbon emissions come from transport, and cutting that is key to tackling the causes of climate change. We all need to work together to reduce our emissions and become a net carbon zero county, and to achieve our vision of creating clean, safe and green communities for our residents.

However, moving to electric vehicles will not be enough to reach those targets alone, which means we should also leave the car at home and walk, cycle or use public transport where we can.

Visit our electric vehicles web page to find out more about the trial, for a map of charging points in the county, to request a charging point in your area and to comment on the new Surrey Transport Plan.

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