Boosting nature by planting trees across Surrey

How you can help us meet our target and tackle climate change

Thanks to your help, since 2019 we have planted 333,749 trees towards our target of planting 1.2 million, one for every resident, by 2030.

With tree planting season starting soon, Surrey County Council has been awarded £298,000 from the Defra Local Authority Treescapes Fund (LATF). We still have lots more trees to plant to help us fight the effects of climate change. Here's why and how you can help us.

Importance of tree planting

Planting more trees helps us fight the effects of climate change. Hedgerow saplings are vital features in the landscape, are great for capturing pollution, reducing noise, mitigating flooding, and providing food and shelter to wildlife. Larger trees help to absorb carbon dioxide and are great at offering much needed shade for people and animals.

When to plant trees

A good time to plant is between the end of November and beginning of December. In dry areas, late autumn planting is best for most species as this gives trees a chance to become established before spring droughts. In wet areas, early spring planting is best.

Sign me up

We are calling for schools, parish councils, charities and community groups to get in touch if they would like to receive free trees to plant, or if they have ideas on how they can help. Get in touch by emailing

You can also read Surrey County Council's Climate Change Delivery Plan and New Tree Strategy.

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