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Statutory consultation launches for the River Thames Scheme (RTS)

One key and very important milestone for the RTS is Statutory Consultation. Statutory Consultation is a six-week period, that gives people the opportunity to share views on the scheme's proposals and shape the design of the scheme. We are keen to consult with communities, businesses, land interests and stakeholders affected by, or with an interest in the plans for the RTS. Enough information has been gathered to date, which allows us to now share a vision of the future.

Designated a project of national significance, the scheme will include a new flood channel in two sections, passing though the boroughs of Runnymede and Spelthorne.

To support the landscape-based approach of this flood alleviation scheme, the surrounding areas of green infrastructure – green space – that run along the channel will provide better connections within and across the area and encourage more sustainable travel.

The RTS statutory consultation begins on 22 January and continues until 4 March. There are 11 in-person and 5 virtual events across the scheme boundary running between late January and throughout February. The events will be attended by RTS experts who will be able to discuss the scheme and explain its goals and benefits in more depth.

The Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) was published via the RTS website earlier this month. It explains how the RTS will discuss its proposals with the local community and provides an overview of the development consent order (DCO) and how this works. In addition, Section 47 and 48 notices publicising the SoCC, have appeared in regional and national media. The SoCC and all further documentation for the Statutory Consultation is available on the River Thames Scheme web page.

All further documentation for the Statutory Consultation will be available from launch day on Monday 22 January.

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