Want to boost your confidence in everyday skills?

Vicky and Genty

Genty's success story

Multiply offers free courses and workshops across Surrey that can help boost your confidence in important everyday skills. For example:

  • help you budget the weekly shop better
  • how to manage your bills
  • building your confidence in problem solving and decision making
  • Improving your numeracy and literacy skills

There is a fun and friendly Multiply course in your area, from short drop-in sessions to whole term courses, that can support you in the skills you need for the future.

Genty is a member of the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community and recently completed a 1 to 1 Multiply course in her home with Vicky Nash, Skills Impact Co-ordinator and Tutor from Surrey Community Action.

Read more below to see how Genty found the Multiply course and how it boosted her confidence in everyday skills.

What is the most useful skill you learnt from the course?

How to work out percentages. How to calculate cost breakdowns. How to use features on the laptop. Letter writing. How to use correct punctuation.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering attending a multiply course?

I would advise that it does not matter what level of skills they have in both English and Maths, taking the Multiply course will improve them, and even for a person who has insignificant academic skills, they will be able to achieve the academic skills needed today. Helped by an encouraging, kind, understanding, non-judgmental, non-biased individual who is gifted with teaching skills on any level.

How has the skills you learnt through Multiply helped you in everyday life?

I voluntarily work as a liaison officer between members of the Traveller community and the Government sectors. Much of my time is spent writing emails. Before taking the course, I would need my emails to be proofread to ensure my writing is grammatically correct; I no longer need to do this. I am also publishing a book and due to taking the self-publishing route, I have needed to work out percentages and complete cost breakdowns. Neither of these were skills I previously owned.

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Multiply courses are available to anyone aged 19+ who currently does not have a GCSE at grade C (or equivalent) in maths.

You can also attend weekly courses at providers like

For courses available in Surrey visit the Multiply web page.

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