The Dorking Cockerel’s Mighty Journey

A short story by Evie aged 9

During the school summer holidays 2022 we launched the Culture Explorer Passport scheme for children aged 4 to 11.

The passport, which was available from all 52 libraries across Surrey, opened the door to exciting adventures for families to learn about Surrey's rich heritage, arts and culture.

The winner of the Local History Challenge was Evie, aged 9. She wrote a magnificent story about the Dorking Cockerel after her visit to the Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre.

Please enjoy Evie's story below.

The Dorking Cockerel's Mighty Journey

'Oh no, another day another fancy dress costume' thought the Dorking Cockerel one cloudy, misty morning. The poor Cockerel is used as a climbing frame for kids. That very night he had a plan he would set off on a mighty journey to Bagshot and meet the Bagshot Rooster.

So the next morning the Cockerel packed his rucksack and left the roundabout and walked to Bagshot. When he finally got there the Bagshot Rooster said to fight for his freedom and don't let snooty little kids climb on you. So he took the Roosters advice and was very excited to tell everyone he has had enough.

But when he got back he saw some kids crying so he went up to them and one of them said "you're back!" and hugged the Cockerel so tight and it was at that same moment that the Cockerel said "what about Santa for the next costume?".

The End

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