Putting Surrey culture on the map

Check out Surrey's cultural landscape

Surrey is a place where creative people, ideas and enterprises thrive, and where everyone has equal access to and benefits from a rich, diverse and inclusive culture. We're putting Surrey culture on the map. So if you're involved with providing cultural services in Surrey or want to find out what culture looks like in Surrey, take a look at the new Culture in Surrey web page.

We hope it'll be a good resource for those in the industry to network, keep up to date and ensure they've been counted on the map. For those living or visiting Surrey it's a great place to find out about all the rich, diverse and inclusive cultural events taking place within easy reach.

Hopefully you'll find something to whet your cultural taste buds, and if there's something you think we've missed then let us know and we'll get it added to the map. Let's work together to put Culture in Surrey on the map using the Culture in Surrey web page.

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