GCSE Achievers 2023 are unstoppable!

Surrey Adult Learning is thrilled to celebrate another extraordinary year of academic performance with English Language GCSE pass rate of 98.3% and mathematics GCSE pass rate of 100%

Our learners should feel incredibly proud of their personal achievements. Their hard work and dedication have paid off. This would not have been achieved without our qualified tutors and volunteers who have supported and encouraged every learner to realise their potential.

At Surrey Adult Learning (SAL) we share a passion for learning, and we develop learners who feel valued as unique individuals. We're thrilled to be part of our learners' stories, helping to change lives through learning and self-development. Our learners tell us that they enjoy their courses, the excitement and challenge of learning something new coupled with the motivation to grasp and master new concepts and knowledge resulting in the satisfaction and pride of achieving.

Maths GCSE Learner Sam showed great determination completing her course

Sam has come a long way after overcoming obstacles and setbacks with a 'can do' attitude. She had no formal qualifications and had been considering on embarking on a course for some time but lacked the motivation.

She had searched the internet and was deliberating her options when by chance a leaflet was dropped through her letterbox that changed the course of events, and her life!

She said, "I had been looking for a long time then one day a leaflet was dropped through my door! I said, 'Oh my goodness, this was meant to be', so I signed onto the course and never looked back."

"My tutor is Tanya Shrivener, and she is truly amazing. I had lots of challenges during my course to adapt to my home life as I am raising a young family on my own and I work volunteering at school. For me this is a personal achievement. English is not my mother tongue and I am proud of myself."

"Now I work in a school with a qualification that demonstrates my ability. The future is exciting, and I am thinking of the next step."

GCSE English qualification supports SAL learner Eleyne to train to become a midwife

Learner Eleyne secured a GCSE in English to help her employment prospect.

She said "I decided to do a GCSE English course with SurreyLearner Eleyne Adult Learning because I got a D at school, and I wanted to improve on that grade. I'm currently working as a supply in schools and to become more employable on a permanent basis, I felt a GCSE English would be important. The course was tailored to give every student the opportunity to get the GCSE English within the year. Being able to access the classes online via Zoom from home, enabled me to fit it around my work and lifestyle. The teaching was clear and focused. The feedback from work given in was Individual, positive and helpful. I was pleased to have gained a grade 6. I'm continuing with SAL, and I'm currently enrolled in a maths course."

SAL learner Jo has obtained the qualification that she needs to follow her medical training

She shared, "I am so pleased with myself that I have now passed my GCSE English language. I wanted to do it, to open up some opportunities to change my vocation in life at the grand old age of 47. It has always been my dream to become a midwife and now I have all the base grades needed to do it. I just need the same courage I used to apply for my GCSE to apply for my dream job."

"I won't say it was really easy to do this course but nothing good in life comes from an easy life. However, once I was in the flow and met some like-minded people, and had a tremendously supportive coach, Sue, it did become fun and when you relax smile and trust in the support network around you if does become easier. I was also lucky to do it alongside my best friend, so we supported each other too. She also passed which is amazing news. I would absolutely recommend signing up to this course, you won't regret it and your sense of achievement will be like nothing you've felt before. You can shout 'I did it!'"

  • Reviewed: 15 Dec 2023

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