Community groups and support in Waverley

Community groups carry out a vital role across Surrey, encouraging people to feel part of their local area, and helping support this area to grow and develop. They are about joining up and joining in to make things happen. We have a wide variety of community groups within Surrey. Below is a small selection of community groups and clubs in Waverley.

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Arts, culture and heritage

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Churt heritage

Churt heritage is a passionate group dedicated to safeguarding and sharing the rich history of Churt and its vibrant community. Whether you're drawn to their engaging events or want to dive into research, there's a place for you here. For more information visit Churt heritage.

Cranleigh arts centre

Is here to enrich, inspire and entertain the local community. They offer the best in live music, theatre, comedy, film, talks, event cinema, workshops, family events and free-to-explore exhibitions. From classical recitals to children's activities – their vibrant programme has something for all ages and tastes. For more information visit Cranleigh arts centre.

Farnham maltings

Farnham maltings is a cultural organisation, based in south west surrey, that works locally, nationally and internationally to encourage people to participate in, shape and understand the world in which we live. For more information visit Farnham maltings.

Sports, health and fitness

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Community swimming pools and sports hubs

Community swimming pools and sport hubs are vibrant hubs of fun, fitness, and togetherness. A place for families, friends, and neighbours to relax, exercise, and create lasting memories. Whether it's a dip in the cool water, swimming laps, or lounging by the poolside, They are the heart of community enjoyment. For more information and to find your local community swimming pools and sport hubs see the list below:

Community support

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Warm Welcome venues

We have re-opened warm spaces across Surrey, now known as Warm Welcome venues. Warm Welcome venues are open to all residents this winter free of charge – no matter your age or situation. Find out about Warm Welcome venues in your local area.

Waverley foodbanks

No one in our community should have to face going hungry. That's why local foodbanks provided nutritionally balanced food and support to local people who are referred to them. For more information and to find your local foodbank see the list below:

Independent age- Good to know groups

Good to Know Groups are telephone-based social and learning opportunities that connect older individuals to their peers and partner organisations, and hear and talk about topics that are most important to them. Think of these groups like a cup of tea and a chat at a community centre, but over the phone in the comfort of your living room. For more information visit Good to know groups.

Farncombe day centre

The Farncombe day centre is a vibrant hub for community engagement and support. It is dedicated to promoting well-being, fostering friendships, and offering a range of engaging projects and activities for those who are still young at heart. For more information visit Farncombe day centre.

Citizens advice Godalming

An independent charity who provide free, confidential, impartial advice on everyday issues such as debt, housing, benefits. For more information visit Citizens advice Godalming.

Leisure, parks and green spaces

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Tice's meadow

Tice's Meadow is a newly developed nature reserve on the site of the former Farnham Quarry, on the southern outskirts of Aldershot. The site consists of a mosaic of open water, gravel islands and scrapes, reedbeds, scrub, woodland, ephemeral ponds and wet and dry grassland. The site is widely considered one of the best inland sites to watch birds in the southeast of England! For more information visit Tice's meadow.

Farncombe community garden

Their vision is encompassed in the phrase: Growing community wellbeing. The garden is available to everyone in the community, and they literally grow things together, while at the same time growing the community and most importantly their wellbeing. For more information visit Farncombe community garden.

Parks, play areas and green spaces

Waverley's parks, green spaces, and natural landscapes are the places where people can relax, exercise, play, and enjoy the natural heritage and culture. They also provide habitat for wildlife and contribute to improving local air quality. For details of parks, play areas and open spaces in Waverley visit Waverley green spaces directory.

Waverley allotments

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or novice gardener, an allotment could offer you more than you think - it could provide you with a new hobby, exercise and fresh home grown, even organic, produce. It's a great way to save money as well as encourage a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit Waverley allotments.

Hobbies, interests and clubs

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The Haslemere youth hub

The Haslemere youth hub, is a youth community centre for all ages, from pre-schoolers to teens and young adults. From the café, to the exciting events and activities, there's lots to get involved in. For more information visit The Haslemere youth hub.

Cranleigh men's shed

The object of the shed is social and recreational, for those interested in working with wood or other materials. We welcome men of all ages and skills from beginners to fully experienced. From improving health and wellbeing through participation, to making new friends and working on a range of projects, the possibilities here are endless! For more information visit Cranleigh men's shed.

Farnham men in sheds

This group was set up to provide a friendly environment for men to get together and work on projects. They respond to requests from community groups, schools, and other voluntary and statutory organisations to undertake make and repair projects from a custom-made shed in central Farnham. For more information visit Farnham men in sheds.

Farnham repair café

Repair cafés are free 'community-centred workshops' for people to bring consumer products in need of repair, where they can work together with volunteer fixers to repair and maintain their broken or faulty products. In addition to repair, many repair cafés provide assistance with product modification, particularly to clothing to improve fit and appearance. For more information visit Farnham repair café.

Libraries, community centres and faith groups

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Our Libraries

Our libraries are Where It Happens. Did you know that our Libraries are the social, economic, learning and cultural hubs right at the heart of our local communities. From rhymetime, crafts, coding and chess clubs, helping people to improve their computer skills, supporting new businesses, author talks, hosting reading groups and exhibitions. Your local library has it all. For more information and to find your local Library see the list below:

Community centres

Discover the heart of your community at community centres across Waverley. They offer a diverse range of activities and services for all ages, fostering connections, learning, and well-being. They are vibrant, inclusive spaces where friendships are forged, knowledge is shared, and the community thrives. For more information and to find your local community centre see the list below:

Faith groups

Discover the wonderful churches and faith groups in Waverley. They strive to unite communities through their shared belief in helping your neighbour, community strength and collective action. Explore the power of togetherness and community-driven initiatives through these groups. For more information and to find your local faith group or church see the list below:

Please note: Our directory contains a varied range of service providers, many of which are not connected with Surrey County Council. The information has not been verified by Surrey County Council for accuracy. When contacting any service provider, we encourage you to take note of any safeguarding and health and safety requirements involved with the activity and to check if the providers have relevant qualifications for insurance purposes.

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