Community groups and support in Spelthorne

Community groups carry out a vital role across Surrey, encouraging people to feel part of their local area, and helping support this area to grow and develop. They are about joining up and joining in to make things happen. We have a wide variety of community groups within Surrey. Below is a small selection of community groups and clubs in Spelthorne.

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Arts, culture and heritage

Paint brushes in cups with paint

Kempton steam museum

This museum houses the world's largest triple expansion steam engine, a marvel of engineering that defined an era. On select weekends, witness this mighty engine roar to life as they bring history back to life. Don't miss the opportunity to see this incredible piece of industrial heritage 'in steam,' a rare and immersive experience that promises to leave you in awe. For more information visit Kempton steam museum.

Spelthorne Resource Centre

Unlock your creative potential at Staines Park's crafting oasis! Dive into a world of unique scrap materials for your next masterpiece. Join the Spelthorne Resource Centre for exciting craft events throughout the year, where creativity knows no bounds. Discover, create, and connect with like-minded craft enthusiasts. For more information visit Spelthorne Resource Centre.

Sports, health and fitness

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Walking for health

Our walks aim to improve the health and fitness of local people, as well as reduce loneliness and isolation. All of our walks are led by volunteer walk leaders with up to three walks per week, with distances between 1 and 3 miles. For more information visit Walking for health.

Community swimming pools and sports hubs

Community swimming pools and sport hubs are vibrant hubs of fun, fitness, and togetherness. A place for families, friends, and neighbours to relax, exercise, and create lasting memories. Whether it's a dip in the cool water, swimming laps, or lounging by the poolside, They are the heart of community enjoyment. For more information and to find your local community swimming pools and sport hubs see the list below:

Community support

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Warm Welcome venues

We have re-opened warm spaces across Surrey, now known as Warm Welcome venues. Warm Welcome venues are open to all residents this winter free of charge – no matter your age or situation. Find out about Warm Welcome venues in your local area.

Spelthorne foodbanks

No one in our community should have to face going hungry. That's why local foodbanks provided nutritionally balanced food and support to local people who are referred to them. For more information and to find your local foodbank see the list below:

Heathrow special needs centre

Improving the mental and physical health of people with disabilities and special needs with activities that interact with their farm animals and horticultural areas. For more information visit Heathrow special needs centre.

The local conversation

The local conversation in Stanwell is a grass roots initiative, funded by the People's Health Trust, supported by the Surrey Care Trust and led by local people to create a well connected, healthy and active community. Local conversations involve supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take local action on issues that matter to them. For more information visit The local conversation.

Talking tree

At the Climate Emergency Centre and Café, we're all about tackling climate change head-on. We bring together local folks and connect them with practical climate solutions. Our team works hard to create local projects and campaigns that make a real difference. For more information visit Talking tree.

Stanwell family centre

Stanwell Family Centre offers a range of services and support to enable children aged 0-11 years and their families overcome difficulties and become more resilient and so children can thrive. For more information visit Stanwell family centre.

Stanwell events

Stanwell Events are committed to supporting Stanwell and the surrounding areas to access a wide variety of projects for all ages and generations. For more information visit Stanwell Events.

The Ashford phoenix project

The Phoenix Project was set up to provide opportunities for young people in a range of areas from physical activities, volunteering skill development and camping. These are all accredited under the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Spelthorne tree wardens

Spelthorne Tree Wardens are a group of volunteers who plant and look after trees in Spelthorne throughout the year, in streets, parks, hospitals, schools, private gardens and open areas. Think a tree would look good outside your house or as a memorial tree? Spelthorne tree wardens can help. For more information visit Spelthorne tree wardens.

Leisure, parks and green spaces

Newlands Corner viewpoint

Ashford horticultural society

Experience a world of green-thumb wonders with this society. Their monthly meetings are your gateway to gardening insights, complete with captivating talks, friendly competitions, plant sales, and delightful refreshments, but that's not all. They venture out together to explore gardens, flower shows, and more. To let your gardening passion bloom and for more information visit Ashford horticultural society.

Spelthorne allotments

Regardless of whether you are an experienced or novice gardener, an allotment could offer you more than you think - it could provide you with a new hobby, exercise and fresh home grown, even organic, produce. It's a great way to save money as well as encourage a healthier lifestyle. For more information visit Spelthorne allotments.

Colne valley park

The Colne Valley Regional Park is a landscape of surprises. You'll find lush green countryside, beautiful villages with traditional country pubs, bustling towns, river, lake and canal-side walks. It is a world of spectacular diversity and hidden gems, a superb place to enjoy. For more information visit Colne valley park.

Friends of Sunbury park

A community that enjoy and enhance this wonderful park. For more information visit Friends of Sunbury park.

Spelthorne Natural History Society

Throughout the year the Society runs a Summer and Winter Programme. The Summer Programme includes guided walks and species identification events, while the Winter Programme includes monthly evening indoor events with experts from various fields of natural history. For more information visit Spelthorne natural history society.

Parks, play areas and green spaces

Spelthorne's parks, green spaces, and natural landscapes are the places where people can relax, exercise, play, and enjoy the natural heritage and culture. They also provide habitat for wildlife and contribute to improving local air quality. For details of parks, play areas and open spaces in Spelthorne, visit Spelthorne green spaces directory.

Hobbies, interests and clubs

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Spelthorne shed

Sheds are about the creation of communities of older men who support each other and the wider local community. They are about having fun, sharing skills and knowledge with like-minded people and gaining a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. For more information visit Spelthorne shed.

Ashford and district bridge club

The aim of the club is to play and promote competitive duplicate bridge in a friendly environment. For more information visit Ashford and district bridge club.

Spelthorne litter pickers

They are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who care deeply about the local community and the environment. They meet regularly to pick up litter in their local area of Spelthorne. New members are always welcome! For more information and to get involved visit Spelthorne litter pickers.

The Penrose club

A unique and inclusive social club tailored for individuals aged 16 and over with special needs. Their mission is to create an enjoyable and enriching social evening that nurtures social skills, explores new hobbies, and fosters connections. As they empower members, we also provide parents, guardians, and caregivers with a well-deserved free evening of respite. For more information visit The Penrose club.

Uniformed groups

Embark on an exciting journey by becoming a part of a uniformed group. They offer a wide range of activities and experiences for young people, providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership, and fun. Join them in fostering friendships, learning valuable life skills, and making lasting memories. For more information and to find your local uniformed groups visit Uniformed Groups Spelthorne.

MS society- The Friday club

An MS social group that meet weekly in a Council owned Day Centre. It's all about being your authentic self whilst around a large table doing simple activities like chatting, drinking tea and coffee, art and craft activities and puzzles. For more information visit The Friday club.

Staines society of model engineers

Welcome to a world where miniature marvels come to life. Staines Society of Model Engineers is a passionate community of engineering enthusiasts who bring their creative visions to reality through intricate model engineering. Whether you're a seasoned engineer or simply curious, they invite you to explore the fascinating world of miniature trains, engines, and more. For more information visit Staines society of model engineers.

Libraries, community centres and faith groups

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Our Libraries

Our libraries are Where It Happens. Did you know that our Libraries are the social, economic, learning and cultural hubs right at the heart of our local communities. From rhymetime, crafts, coding and chess clubs, helping people to improve their computer skills, supporting new businesses, author talks, hosting reading groups and exhibitions. Your local library has it all. For more information and to find your local Library see the list below:

Community centres

Discover the heart of your community at community centres across Spelthorne. They offer a diverse range of activities and services for all ages, fostering connections, learning, and well-being. They are vibrant, inclusive spaces where friendships are forged, knowledge is shared, and the community thrives. For more information and to find your local community centre see the list below:

Please note: Our directory contains a varied range of service providers, many of which are not connected with Surrey County Council. The information has not been verified by Surrey County Council for accuracy. When contacting any service provider, we encourage you to take note of any safeguarding and health and safety requirements involved with the activity and to check if the providers have relevant qualifications for insurance purposes.

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