Volunteering during an emergency

How you can get involved

It is difficult to involve new volunteers in the midst of an emergency, so if you would like to be called upon to help during an incident or emergency please contact your local Volunteer Centre before an emergency arises. They can then see if you can be linked up with a group or agency that could support communities during an emergency. They will link you up with the right people so you are ready to help if or when an event happens and an opportunity arises.

Things to remember

Please contact these organisations beforehand so that you can be linked up with the relevant groups, and can provide the type of help that would be needed. If you are calling during an incident, please note that you are unlikely to get an immediate response and that there might not be opportunities for you to volunteer.

Formal volunteering is only one way that you can support your community during an emergency, you may wish to check on your neighbours or join a local resilience group if there is one in your area.

Please do not travel until you know there is something you can help with, as during an emergency agencies / organisations will be out responding to issues on the ground and there might not be something that you can help with.

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