Surrey Prepared: The role of the emergency services

In an emergency it is very important to call 999 and allow the Emergency Services to do their job of protecting the public and helping any casualties.

If you or your community has a Community Emergency Plan in place, you may have volunteers ready to help out. Their role is to help keep the community safe where the incident does not pose an immediate threat to life. This can involve anything from helping out in a power cut or storm, to informing neighbours of a flood warning.

However the Emergency Services are trained for hazardous situations. No community volunteer should ever feel the need to put themselves at any risk – in fact, attempting to get involved in a dangerous situation is more likely to hamper the official response.

Surrey's emergency responders

In an incident these responders will be supported by Surrey County Council, your Borough or District Council, and other organisations. Support plans will have been prepared and practiced in advance for many possible situations.

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