Prepare your community for emergencies

Many communities already spontaneously help one another in times of need, but previous experience has shown that those who have spent time planning and preparing for this are better able to cope, and recover more quickly. This activity is known as community resilience and is most successful when done in partnership with local responders.

Where to start

  1. Check if a local group already has an emergency or resilience plan. Parish councils and residents associations often do.
  2. If not, consider starting your own with willing volunteers. It is worth considering linking with groups that already exist such as church groups, neighbourhood watch, youth groups. Surrey Prepared have a developed a range of resources to help with this which are free and available for you to use. Please email
  3. Consider if a Resilience Plan may be useful for you. Our Resilience plan consideration checklist is a great starting point. Please email for more information.

Getting advice and assistance

Keeping in touch with Surrey Prepared will enable us to keep you informed about support, training, funding or events that might be of interest to you.

If you want advice or further information please email:

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