UASCs (Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children)

How does Surrey Virtual School support our Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASCS) ?

  • Surrey Virtual School (SVS) funds an assessment from Race Equality and Minority Achievement Service – SCC (REMA) for each UASC which includes an assessment of both English and first language skills
  • Each young person is offered 'Starting Out' – a rolling programme of up to 8 weeks of 'orientation' which includes development of early English skills, and the young person's first Personal Education Plan (PEP) whilst a school or other education provision is being secured. Whilst this is normally a face to face provision, it has been suspended during the pandemic and alternative online learning methods have been offered
  • Further resources are provided including access to 'Flash Academy' English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision, a dictionary, tuition, where the young person is of statutory school age and identification of any further support needed such as access to a laptop and IT
  • SVS has a dedicated officer with responsibility for UASC with oversight from an Assistant Head teacher. Our UASC officer is there to champion the young person, attends their PEPs and other relevant meetings to support and maintain their education, helps to explain the options available around education as well as sourcing and securing education which meets the young person's needs. She also links with charities such as 'Big Leaf' to enhance this offer further for example through educational visits and works closely with education stakeholders to ensure the greatest opportunity for success of our UASC

UASC Toolkit

This resource is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience.

Looking for something other than college?

The Post-16 team have put together a quick reference guide which includes various alternatives to college, including information relating to courses and activities as well as links to grants, bursaries and lots more!

Locations include Surrey, neighbouring authorities and a few further afield. Additionally, whilst the guide is aimed at Post-16 and UASC, some resources will be accessible to 14+.

Please note that this guide will be updated when we are made aware of new opportunities. If you feel something should be added, please let us know at

Big Leaf Foundation

In addition to educational support, we work closely with organisations such as Big Leaf who offer a range of support and projects, encouraging language through social opportunities and addressing social isolation. Please see Big Leaf's website for the activities currently on offer.

Flash Academy

Flash Academy® EAL is an online learning platform that can be used by schools and individuals at home, to deliver learning for students that don't have English as their first language. This learning can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone and all progress is monitored by the Virtual School to gain valuable insights and raise attainment.

When a UASC arrives in Surrey, Flash Academy will be offered to them as a means of educational support until a school or college place is found and will continue to be available to them to compliment their educational studies.

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