Personal Education Plans (PEPs) - Post-16

There is a legal requirement to ensure every young person in the care of the local authority has a planned and monitored education or training route to the age of 18 years. Young people in Years 12 and 13 will have a termly Personal Education Plan (PEP) meeting to discuss their progress and attainment and agree targets to support their learning pathway.

The Virtual School work with all education providers to ensure the student's PEP is robust and enables a clear and positive Plan, helping to remove barriers and support our young people into long term employment, as all good parents should.

The Personal Education Plan comes in the form of an ePEP (electronic PEP) which is accessed via a secure portal completed on-line by the social worker and Designated Person at the education or training provider. Every PEP contains a Student's View page allowing our young people to express their views as part of this Plan.

Access to the Portal is provided through the Virtual School on verification of an individual's details.

To apply for access, a work-based email address will either be provided to the young person's social worker, or by emailing the Virtual School directly (

A User Guide for the Portal is available once you have the necessary access.

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