Pupil premium

Pupil Premium for Previously Looked After Children

Pupil Premium for permanently placed children was introduced in 2014 in recognition that children who ceased to be looked after as a result of adoption, a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) or a Care Arrangements Order (CAO) often require extra support and help in school in view of their early life experiences.

Pupil Premium plus is available for children from Reception to Year 11 in state schools in England, who are adopted or moved to permanence under a SGO or CAO from England or Wales. Children in independent schools or home education may be eligible if their education is funded by the Local Authority

Pupil Premium Plus is currently £2345 per year, per eligible pupil. For adopted, SGO and CAO children, this is paid directly to the child's school.

Department of Education Guidance Change – December 2020

From April 2021, pupil premium allocations will be calculated based on the number of eligible pupils recorded by schools in their census in October 2020.

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