About Procurement

Creative commercial value for customers.

Head of service

Darron Cox, Director of Procurement

How we are organised

Our organisational chart, showing the way the team is organised is available to download below.

How we do business

Read more about our strategy and plans and the governance that shapes how we work.

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Contact us

We have a dedicated contact number for suppliers; call us on 0300 200 1011. For more information on contacting Procurement take a look at the Suppliers contact page.

Jobs in Procurement

All vacancies in Procurement are advertised on our Jobs pages. You can view all vacancies across the council, sign up for job alerts and find out what it is like working for the council.

Follow us on Twitter

Follow @SurreyProcure and @supplytosurrey to find out about opportunities as soon as they are available.


We welcome your feedback and use it to keep improving the service we deliver.

You can provide:

  • comments
  • compliments
  • complaints

You can make enquiries and give feedback on all services in the council by completing the online feedback form found on the General Enquiries page of the website

Feedback on our tender process

We also ask for feedback from suppliers who have taken part in a tender bid to ensure the process is as clear and efficient as it could be. Suppliers will be contacted directly during the tender process.

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