Web standards for page layout

Anchor links

  • Use anchor links for long pages.


  • Format anchor links using either a bullet or numbered list
  • Split long pages into sections with headings and sub-headings and use anchor links to link to these from the top of the page
  • Anchor links should only link to sections on the same page and not a different page.


The Web standards for PDFs and other file types page is a good example of a page that uses anchor links.

Why we have this web standard

Anchor links make it easier for users to navigate longer pages.

Unordered lists (bullet point lists)

Bullet point lists are formatted using the bullet button on the Squiz editing toolbar.


  • Use bullet points to draw attention to key statements
  • Bullet points should be used for anchor links of 5 items or less

Ordered lists (numbered lists)

Numbered lists are formatted using the numbered list button on the Squiz editing toolbar.


  • Use numbered lists for items that need to be placed in order of priority or sequence
  • Use numbered lists for anchor links of over five items
  • Don't use Roman numerals, letters or complicated numbering