Appealing a school travel assistance decision

You can appeal our decision if you live in Surrey and any of the following apply:

  • You believe the policy has been applied incorrectly.
  • You believe there may be exceptional circumstances.
  • Your child is attending their nearest available school but does not meet the distance requirement and you believe the walking route is unsafe.

Please see our transport policy sections regarding 'Eligibility' and 'Appeals'. If your child is already in receipt of assistance and you wish to appeal arrangements, please see the 'Transport Standards' section of the policy:

Home to School Travel Assistance Policy

Before submitting an appeal, please consider requesting a call-back via our online enquiry form, providing a brief summary so that we can discuss the issue with you:

Online enquiry form

How to submit a Stage One Appeal

In order for your case to be considered under Stage One of the appeal process, you must submit an online appeal form.

The form must be completed, attaching any supporting evidence within 20 working days from receipt of the original decision. You will receive a written outcome within 20 working days, if timeframes are exceeded you will be informed and updated accordingly.

Stage One Appeal form

Stage Two Appeal

If you are unhappy with the decision at Stage One of the appeal process, you can request for your case to be escalated to Stage Two for consideration of an Independent Review Panel. Details on how to request a Stage Two Appeal will be included in your Stage One outcome letter.

This is a formal process, your appeal will be heard (via a Microsoft Teams meeting) by County Councillors and senior officers in the Council, you will be given an opportunity to present your case to the panel. Full details of the process will be sent to you once we receive your request to escalate to Stage Two.

Please note, you must make a request for a Stage Two review within 20 working days from receipt of the Stage One written outcome.

After the review, you will receive the outcome via post, this is normally within 5 working days of the Independent Review Panel. The outcome letter will detail next steps if you are unhappy with the decision of the panel.