Physical and Sensory Support - referring children and young people

If you are a parent or carer and you are concerned about how your child's education is being affected by their deafness, communication needs, multi-sensory impairment, physical disability or vision impairment, our service may be able to help.

Your child's teacher or early years educator will be able to help you understand if they meet our criteria and would benefit from our help. You can also contact us by emailing

With your permission, any of the following professionals can request our involvement:

  • Health Professionals (for example, audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists)
  • Educational professionals
  • Disability needs assessors
  • Schools
  • Social services
  • Other professionals

As a parent or carer, you are also able to request involvement from our team yourself. You can do this using the Physical and Sensory Support involvement request (PDF).

Students in further and higher education in Surrey with deafness, vision impairment, multi-sensory impairment or physical disability can contact our Further/Higher Education (FHE) 16+ (Post 16) team: Please note that our post-16 services are chargeable. You can find more information on our key contacts and charges page.

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