Completing your School Admissions Appeal Form - Key Stage 1

Please read the guidance notes before completing your appeal form.

You can find the appeal form for your school via the directory of Surrey schools. This form is only applicable for all Surrey community and voluntary controlled schools and only those voluntary aided, trust or foundation school, free school or academy schools that have delegated responsibility for organising appeals to the Surrey Schools Appeals Service. If unsure please contact the Surrey Schools Appeals Service to ensure there is no delay in your appeal being heard and/or closing dates being missed.

If you wish to appeal for places for two or more children at the same school or you have decided to appeal for a place at more than one school, please complete separate appeal forms (you may make photocopies of the blank appeal form).

If you wish to change any answers on your form please contact the Surrey Schools Appeals Service by email at as soon as possible, as this may affect the date and time of your appeal hearing.

Personal details

Please give full details as requested. If unsure contact the Surrey Schools Appeal Service.

If you wish your correspondence to be sent to another address, please include a note of this address. If you are moving to a new address please inform us of the details and date you will be resident at your new address.

Your child

If your child is already of statutory school age, admission will usually be at the next appropriate point in the school term, subject to discussion.

Attendance and representation

You are strongly recommended to attend the appeal hearing in person to present your case. You may be accompanied by a friend or be represented. Please give us their contact details and details of their relationship to your child. Copies of appeal papers will only be sent to any representative in exceptional circumstances. If you feel this applies to you please call the Surrey Schools Appeals Service once you receive your letter with details of your appeal hearing.

If the second parent wishes to attend the hearing or you agree that they can contribute and/or we can discuss your appeal with them please give details. However, it remains your responsibility to inform them of the hearing details and share papers and information.

Special requirements

Please give details in the space provided if you have a disability, need assistance or any other accessibility difficulties or if you require an interpreter or signer. Please state which language you speak if you wish the Surrey Schools Appeals Service to arrange for an interpreter or signer to be present at your appeal hearing. Please note you may arrange for your own interpreter or signer if you prefer but please let us know as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee any special requests can be met but cannot consider them if we are not aware of them.

Education, Health and Care Plan

If your child has a full current education, health and care plan please tick the box provided.

Reasons for appealing

This is your 'written statement' in which you should set out fully the reasons why you think your child should be admitted to the school you named. When writing your reasons for appealing it is important that you state everything you consider relevant to your child's appeal. You can email additional information and any supporting evidence to but please make sure that you clearly state your child's name, date of birth and the school you are appealing for a place at to ensure your email is paired with your appeal form. You may add extra sheets if there is not sufficient room on the appeal form to detail your reasons for appealing. Please ensure you write your reasons clearly or type them.

It is important to refer to the Decision making in appeals hearings - key stage 1 page before you complete this section, as there are extremely limited circumstances in which an infant class size appeal can be upheld. Ideally you should answer one or both of these questions.

An appeal has to be made in writing setting out the grounds on which it is made as stipulated in the School Admission Appeals Code 2022. Any appeal form received without any grounds of appeal will not be considered to have been lodged properly and will be returned to you.

Extra evidence

Please enclose with your appeal form copies of any letters and/or documents that you wish to be taken into account at your appeal hearing. In order for an appeal panel to give appeals full consideration it is advisable for parents to submit all written evidence as soon as possible to enable it to be sent prior to the hearing. The Surrey Schools Appeals Service will not request further information on your behalf. You are responsible for submitting any evidence you wish the appeal panel to consider as part of your case.

Additional information and evidence supporting your appeal should be received by the Surrey Schools Appeals Service as soon as possible but no later than 5pm on the date notified to you in your letter. Evidence received after this deadline might not be considered by the appeal panel.


If you make any allegations about another school, the local authority reserves the right to investigate such statements.

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