Common questions about traffic and travel information

The traffic and travel web pages display real-time information relating to incidents and events currently taking place on Surrey's roads. People travelling in Surrey are provided with information about travel conditions and public transport options with the aim of ensuring that best use is made of the transport network.

Information available includes roadworks, accidents, events, public transport departures, parking availability, congestion and road closures. Additionally, traffic signal defects can be reported via the website.

Is there anywhere to voice my opinions about the traffic and travel web pages?

The views of website users are always welcome and will help to ensure that the site is as responsive as possible to the needs of people travelling in Surrey.

The feedback we receive keeps us informed of how you use the website, what you think is useful and what you would like to see. It helps us to determine the best way to deliver our traffic information to you.

Why are the traffic and travel web pages needed?

These pages provide users with information that will assist them in making informed decisions as to the timing, routing and travel mode choice for current or future journeys. This information helps by reducing the disruption caused by incidents, minimising the effects of congestion and thereby improving the efficiency of the transport network

Who operates the traffic and travel web pages?

These pages are operated from Surrey County Council's Network Management and Information Centre (NMIC). The NMIC is currently staffed between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 3pm on Saturday. Outside of these times the information on the website is still kept up-to-date using automatic feeds taken from our systems.

How does the site work?

Information about current conditions is either automatically detected by equipment installed on the road network or via the Highways Agency (for motorways and trunk roads) or alerts from the media.

Where can I get further information about the traffic and travel web pages?

Fore more information about the traffic and travel pages on our website, please contact the highways service.

Am I able to submit details of defects via the website?

Currently you can report traffic signal defects via the website. We are currently investigating options to expand this functionality to include other highway defects.

How can I report a problem with temporary traffic signals?

The website only displays the location of fixed traffic signals. We are investigating the possibility of displaying the locations of temporary signals.

What is an information sign?

Information signs, also known as electronic variable message signs (VMS) are signs located at strategic points throughout the road network that display traffic information/messages to alert drivers to incidents on the network, their likely impacts and appropriate action to take. The messages are updated as appropriate and removed once the traffic disruption has ended. Signs will only be displayed on the website when a message is being displayed on street.

How often is the traffic information updated?

Most updates will be published to the website every five minutes. Real-time bus information is updated every 30 seconds.

Why is congestion information only available for selected roads?

Traffic monitoring equipment required to generate congestion data is only installed on specific sections of the road network. These are currently limited to motorways and trunk roads but a programme is in place to install more equipment over the next few years.

Why is live car park information only available for selected car parks?

Vehicle counting equipment is only installed in a limited number of car parks around the county. These include major car parks in Epsom, Guildford, Staines and Woking. This may be expanded in the future.

Why are bus departures displayed in two different ways?

Bus departure times are either shown as a countdown timer (eg. 6 min) when real-time information is available, or as a clock time (eg. 15:43) when real-time information is not available.

Why are some roadworks not on the website?

Currently roadworks information is available mainly on major roads and comes from third party feeds. We are working to improve the quality and extent of the coverage of this information.

Does the site include Park and Ride information?

Yes, real-time information is available at these stops. We are working to highlight where these are located better on the map.

Can I view the information in tabular form rather than on the map?

Tabular views of all information are available by selecting the appropriate link from the landing page.

Can I access the site on my phone or PDA?

Currently the website is accessible on certain mobile phones but has not been optimised/streamlined for this purpose.

Can I get SMS alerts about incidents, congestion etc?

This is not currently possible but if this is a development you would find useful and would like us to investigate, please let us know and indicate whether you would be willing to pay for such a service.

Can I use the Ordnance Survey maps on the website?

All maps used on our traffic and travel pages are developed from Ordnance Survey (OS) data. These maps are only for use only on this website. The following acknowledgement and copyright to the Ordnance Survey is included:

"This map is reproduced from Ordnance Survey material with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office © Crown copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. (100019613) (2009)."

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