Road emergencies

How to report an emergency

Please call us on 0300 200 1003 to report an emergency.

We provide a 24/7 service for emergencies within Surrey:

  • Between 9am and 5pm, calls will be answered by the Contact Centre.
  • Outside of these hours you will be transferred to our emergency team.

Please provide as much detail as possible to enable the right course of action to be quickly identified and carried out.

Definition and examples of reports that are considered an emergency

A report or problem that requires an immediate response is one that has a high risk of vehicle/pedestrian interaction with the likely result of serious or even fatal consequences.

Examples of what are considered to be emergency situations that would require an immediate response

  • Road collapse
  • Landslide resulting in part or the entire road being impassable
  • Structure collapse (for example bridge, wall, fences, scaffolds, hoarding)
  • Street Furniture collapse for example road signs and other street furniture damaged to such an extent that they have become a direct danger or obstruction to the travelling public, for example bent into the path of vehicles
  • Missing manhole or gully cover
  • Road traffic accidents resulting in debris or oil on the carriageway
  • Vehicle fire on carriageway
  • Debris for example shed load
  • Material spills on the road for example oil, paint, toxic or hazardous material or significant amount of mud likely to cause an accident
  • Large dead animals for example cattle/deer/horse causing obstruction. Please note that this does not apply if the road is passable; for example small animals not causing obstruction, or fly-tipping on verge
  • Fallen tree, branch or lamp column blocking part or the entire carriageway
  • Unlit skip during hours of darkness
  • Exposed electrical wires for example cover missing from lamp column
  • Extensive flooding resulting in road being impassable, or flood presenting high risk of damage to property or danger to public. Please note: This does not include burst pipes or water mains, which should be dealt with by the water utility – Thames Water or Southern Water depending on the area in which the flood is located
  • Road openings, left unguarded or unprotected, presenting a potential danger to the public
  • Traffic signals (temporary or permanent) that are not working

If you are unsure and need advice on whether you think its an emergency situation, please call this number 0300 200 1003 (including out of hours).

Non-emergencies affecting roads and pavements

If you no longer consider the problem to be an emergency, then please continue to report non-emergency problems online.

Other contacts

National Highways

Please contact National Highways on 0300 123 5000 for issues affecting trunk roads and motorways (M3, A3, M25 and M23).

Police and emergency services

Road traffic accidents should be reported to the police. If in doubt dial 999 and ask for either the police, fire service or ambulance.


All substantial roadworks should have an information board with an emergency number to call direct.

Environment Agency

To report severe flooding in your area contact the Environment Agency on their 24 hour service telephone line: 0345 988 1188. You can also use Type talk on 0345 602 6340.

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