Guidance notes for the adoption of streetlights in new developments

Surrey County Council is in a 25 year contract with Milestone Infrastructure (formerly Skanska). As part of this contract, all county owned lighting were either replaced or upgraded. The new lighting is installed with a dimming and remote monitoring system allowing us to save energy and monitor the lighting. Because of this and to subsequently allow us to adopt new lighting, any new lighting installed by a developer will need to meet the requirement of the relevant specification necessary.

Milestone will check section 278 and 38 agreement street lighting designs to ensure that they meet the council's requirements. It is therefore recommended that developers employ Milestone to design street lighting for section 278 and 38 agreements, to avoid delays associated with street lighting designs done by others not meeting the council's requirements. Developers may still use others to design street lighting for section 278 and 38 agreements, but Milestone will need to check their designs.

Street lighting on section 278 agreements works must be installed by Milestone. Others cannot work on streetlights on the public highway, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Milestone. After completion of the Section 278 agreement and the council has accepted the highway works design - including the street lighting design - developer should make their own arrangements directly with Milestone to install the approved street lighting.

Street lighting on privately owned section 38 agreement sites can be installed by the developer's own contractor, but must be inspected and accepted by Milestone before the council adopts the new streets. Developers who install street lighting before Milestone themselves design the street lighting, or approve the developer's own street lighting design, do so at their own risk. New section 38 agreement streets will not be adopted unless the installed street lighting meets the council's requirements.

Developers need to include street lighting information on their as-built drawings submission, before the hand-over of the section 278/38 agreements works to the council. The County Council will also require CAD files of all approved drawings to be submitted to the Engineer.

It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that upon installation and prior to adoption all streetlighting equipment shall be fully operational. For the avoidance of doubt, this will include Urban Control Central Management System, and associated communication functions. The developer shall ensure that all units are registered with Urban Control prior to adoption.

Further information

Further details on specifications, and registering lighting units, can be found on the specification and adoption details for street lights in new developments webpage.

If you would still like to know more, please contact our roads and transport service using the information in the 'street lights contact details' section.

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