Transport Studies Interactive Map

Instructions on using the Interactive Map to determine availability of traffic data

To search for traffic information in a particular location, use the "Search for" (select Location, Street, etc) and "Navigation" (select Zoom or Move Map and follow the instruction shown below the map) tools on the left hand side of the map.

When the map shows the area in which you are interested:

  • select "Info on Displayed Layers" then
  • select the centre of the symbol at the required location.

A screen will appear showing a description of the Traffic Survey information available.

Make a note of the road, road name and reference number, or copy and paste the information into a spreadsheet (this will be useful if you are enquiring about several items of data – you will then be able to email us the spreadsheet).

To make a request for the data contact us on 0300 200 1003 or email There may be a charge for supplying the data.

Please continue to view the Interactive map.

Data supply charges 2019/20

An administrative charge may be made for the supply of traffic data. The charge will depend on the number of survey sites for which data is required, and the number of reports for each site as follows:

  • First site: £114 + VAT
  • Each additional site: £40 + VAT
  • Datasets from same site: £5 + VAT per report