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Instructions on using the Interactive Map to determine availability of traffic data

Traffic survey counts are displayed as coloured dots. Each colour refers to a certain type of survey which can be identified by using the layer icon. The attribute table below the map will display a list of all the counts that are on the map's current view.

To search for information in a particular location, use the search bar at the top left of the map (select Road, Postcode, Locality). You can also zoom in and out of the map or move the map using the normal mouse controls. Any changes you do to the map will update the attribute table to reflect the current view.

When the map shows the area in which you are interested:

  • Select the count from the attribute table by clicking on the row to highlight it
  • You can select multiple counts by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard
  • Use the Option drop down list at the top of the table and select 'Export selected to csv'
  • An file will be downloaded (this will be useful if you are enquiring about several items of data – you will then be able to email us the spreadsheet)

To make a request for the data contact us on 0300 200 1003 or email There may be a charge for supplying the data.

View traffic surveys on the interactive map

Data supply charges 2022/23

An administrative charge may be made for the supply of traffic data. The charge will depend on the number of survey sites for which data is required, and the number of reports for each site as follows:

Traffic survey data setCurrent charge (+ VAT)
First site£120
Each additional site£45
Additional data set (per report)£5

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