Roads and transport policies and plans

Policies and plans

The following list of downloadable files are the various policies and plans of the Highways and Transport service:

Statement on Applying the Code of Practice for a well-managed Highway Infrastructure in Surrey

During the two years between the Codes release and its implementation in October 2018, workshops and project groups met to discuss each of the 36 new recommendations in the code. These discussions captured good practice as well as identifying opportunities for operational improvements. Our officers have worked with other Local Authorities in the South East in order to benchmark each other's policies and procedures.

As a result of this work, we are satisfied that our policies and method of operation align with the risk-based approach (level of risk deciding the priority of works) within the new code's 36 recommendations.

We have put in place enhanced data collection and have scheduled regular evidence review procedures in order to monitor risk and identify any changing trends over time to see if any update in policy is required.

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