Electric vehicle on-street charging policy

The provision of electric vehicle on-street charging infrastructure for Surrey residents

  1. Surrey County Council recognises the significant benefits of electric vehicles, particularly in relation to air quality and public health, and that usage of electric vehicles by residents and demand for charging infrastructure are increasing.
  2. We want to see a coordinated network of charging points that will give residents and visitors the confidence to use electric vehicles in Surrey. To achieve this, we are developing a strategy that will define the role of the county council and evaluate the options for a public charging network.
  3. There are a number of questions that need to be considered before charging points are introduced into Surrey on a widespread basis. These include:
    • Where should charging points be located to provide the greatest possible benefit to users? For example on major roads or residential streets?
    • Which type of charging points are most needed – rapid (30 mins) or fast (3-4 hours) – and how many?
    • Should the council own and run public charge points or should the network be run by another organisation?
    • How will they be funded and maintained?
    • Should parking spaces be reserved for electric vehicles?
    • What will the impact be on the electricity network in Surrey?
  4. Until the above questions have been considered the council doesn't plan to introduce on street charging infrastructure on a large scale or proceed with applications for individual on street charge points. We may consider applications relating to strategic schemes such as car club sites. We do however want to take demand from residents into account and have begun recording all requests for on street charging facilities. If you would like to see a charging point on your street or have an idea for another location, please complete our online form.
  5. A draft version of our Electric Vehicle Strategy was recently released for public consultation and responses were invited with a closing date of 26 August 2018. Consultation responses are currently being analysed. We hope to the have strategy finalised, and adopted into the Surrey Transport Plan, by the end of 2018. The final adopted version will be made available at Surrey Transport Plan Strategies. You can sign up for email alerts from the Surrey Transport Plan at Surrey Transport Plan Consultations on the Plan.