A308 Staines Road West junction, highway and active travel improvements

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The A308 Staines Road West is a vitally important link in the county's road network, connecting the A30 and M25 junction 13 to the M3 and A316. It is the main road that links Staines, Ashford, Sunbury and Heathrow to one another as well as the wider strategic road network.

Redevelopment through the Staines masterplan will see travel demand along and across the A308 increase in the years to come, as would any eventual expansion of Heathrow Airport. This stretch of road is often heavily congested and is currently an air quality management area.

Proposed improvements

This project proposes to remodel key junctions and introduce smart technology to improve traffic flow and reduce occurrences of incidents that result in injury or disruption, as well as improving journey time reliability and air quality.

The A308 could also be improved for journeys on foot, by bike and by bus. As the main route for the borough, connecting Staines, Ashford and Sunbury Cross, the A308 has the potential to become an important sustainable travel corridor. This stretch hosts bus routes with potential for growth. The Department for Transport's Propensity to Cycle Tool also identifies the corridor as a prime location for cycle infrastructure investment, which will be explored further through the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Junction remodelling would unlock the potential for a cycling route to be provided alongside the A308 by introducing the necessary crossings over side roads.

The wide, busy road has very limited crossing facilities with few places for pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely. The scheme proposes the installation and modernisation of crossings at Black Dog and The Shears junctions across both the A308 and the associated side roads.


School Road junction

The junction layout was modified to improve safety, this work was completed in March 2022.

Black Dog junction

We will be modifying the junction layout on the A308 Staines Road West at its junction with Chertsey Road and Littleton Road (Black Dog junction). New and improved pedestrian crossing facilities will also be installed to provide safer crossing points and improve connectivity. There will be access to bus stops on both sides of the road. An additional lane will be added for traffic travelling eastbound on the approach to the traffic lights, road lining will be refreshed, and anti-skid surfacing applied to all junction approaches.

Start date, duration and traffic management

The work on the Black Dog junction is due to start Monday 17 July, for approximately five months. The majority of these works will be carried out under lane closures, however at times it will be necessary to close the road for some elements of the work.

Road closure details are as follows:

  • Eastbound road closure on the A308 Staines Road from the 17 to 21 July, followed by a westbound closure from the 24 to 28 July. These closures will be overnight, usually between 8pm to 6am.
  • Littleton Road will be closed overnight from the 17 August to 11 September and during the day for one day on 31 August.
  • Chertsey Road will be closed overnight on the 21 September from 8pm to 6am and during the day on the 29 September.
  • There will be full road closures on the whole junction overnight from 12 to 13 October for resurfacing.

Advanced warning signs will be updated on site with dates and times to advise members of the public, prior to any closures. During these closures you will need to follow the signed diversion routes. Please talk to a member of our staff on site about your access queries – talking to our staff can easily solve most issues.

The dates above may change due to bad weather. We will keep you updated on any changes via the advance warning signs displayed in the road and via our roadworks map.

The Shears junction

We will be modifying the junction layout on the A308 Staines Road West at its junction with Windmill Road and Cadbury Road (The Shears junction). New and improved pedestrian crossing facilities will also be installed to provide safer crossing points and improve connectivity. Road lining will be refreshed, and anti-skid surfacing applied to junction approaches.

Smart technology

  • Intelligent, adaptive, linked traffic signals will be installed to improve traffic flow, with bus priority and the potential for connection to Highways England signals at Sunbury Cross and Crooked Billet through a collaborative traffic management approach.
  • Average speed cameras will be installed to improve road safety and traffic flow
  • Cameras and sensors to improve network management – make the corridor 'smart city ready'
  • Variable messaging signs (VMS) to improve information provision to drivers

Active and sustainable travel improvements

  • Cycle facilities and enhanced walking provision along the A308
  • The scheme will help to facilitate easier bus travel due to the smart network improvements above
  • Crossing points over side roads will be improved with connectivity to local shops and destinations included where possible (including possible cycle parking facilities)
  • Improved bus stops

Benefits of the scheme

  • Reducing air pollution by reducing congestion but also by encouraging short journeys to be made on foot or by bicycle
  • Re-connecting the communities split by the A308, which currently makes short trips to shops or amenities difficult unless driving
  • Improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians using this route
  • Allow future bus network improvements and easier access for pedestrians to bus stops via the crossings
  • Improved safety and more reliable journey times


  • Black dog junction is due to commence construction in July 2023
  • Shears Junction – expected early 2024.
  • Construction of the remaining active travel improvements will continue in phases until March 2026

This timeline will be updated with further dates once these are confirmed.

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