Parking news and updates in Guildford

Changes to parking permits in Guildford

On Friday 28 July we formally advertised our intention to change the traffic regulation orders that cover the Guildford town centre controlled parking zone. As well as changing the orders to reflect the change of responsibility for on street parking management and enforcement from the borough council to the county council, we also proposed to make the necessary changes to allow for the introduction of virtual electronic permits in place of the physical paper ones. This change would apply to all resident parking permits, visitor parking permits, business, childcare and operational (medical) parking permits and waiver certificates. Some paper permits will remain, for example carers permit, which need to be used in different vehicles and car club parking permits.

Instead of looking to see if a vehicle has a permit displayed in the windscreen, civil enforcement officers will have real time access to a database showing which vehicles have valid permits or waivers, using the vehicle registration numbers as the identifier. As well as reducing the amount of paper involved with permit schemes, the changes would also allow for a more immediate service of permits and waivers.

As part of the advertising process, we gave people an opportunity to comment on the proposals and we are now analysing the responses and considering all the comments that we received, before making the final decisions about whether the proposed changes will go ahead. If you took part in the survey, you will be notified about the outcome.