Surrey LINK bus card terms and conditions

  1. Scheme title - Surrey LINK card, hereafter referred to as 'the scheme'.
  2. Scheme brand - The scheme brand for all public communication is 'LINK'.
  3. Description - The scheme provides eligible persons with half price adult single and returns fares.
  4. Eligibility - Only eligible persons may apply, defined as: Aged 5 to 20. Cards will be valid until the applicants 21st birthday, and Primary residence in the administrative county of Surrey.
  5. Geographical limits - The card is valid on local bus journeys starting and / or finishing in the administrative county of Surrey. Cards are not valid on Transport for London (TfL) services.
  6. Times of operation - There are no restrictions on the time during which the card can be used.
  7. Types of journey - There are no restrictions on the type of journey purpose for which the card can be used.
  8. Ticket discount and restrictions - A discount of half the adult fare will be given off all single and return tickets that can be purchased on bus. The discounted fare will usually be the equivalent of the child fare and may be rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 pence. The discount does not apply to a child fare, season tickets or tickets purchased under the Department for Transport bus fare cap scheme.
  9. Transferability
    1. The card is for use solely by the named individual and is not transferable.
    2. The LINK card will be withdrawn if misused / used by anyone other than cardholder and may result in criminal proceedings.
    3. LINK cards are issued subject to the conditions of the Scheme. The card remains the property of Surrey County Council.
  10. Application of discount on bus
    1. The card holder is required to present their LINK card to the driver to obtain the relevant discount.
    2. Persons unable to present a valid card will be required to pay the full adult fare.
    3. The LINK card is not valid if altered or defaced in any way.
    4. LINK card holders are required to inform Surrey County Council immediately in the event a card is lost, stolen or defective to enable cancellation and the issue of a replacement card.
  11. Rules and regulations - Each bus company's rules and regulations apply when travel is made with the card.
  12. Scheme duration - Card holders will be entitled to the discount until their 21st birthday. Cards are valid until the day before the applicant's 21st birthday.
  13. Application window - Applicants may apply after their 5th birthday. Applicants under the age of 16 will be required to reapply once they reach 16. Applications will be accepted up to 28 days prior to applicants' 21st birthday. Cards are valid for a maximum of 3 years and then applicants will be asked to reapply if still eligible.
  14. Card issue
    1. Cards will be issued at no cost to the user.
    2. Applicants are required to provide a recent passport sized colour photo and provide a relevant and up to date document for proof of age if above the age of 16.
    3. All information is provided in good faith by the applicant.
    4. Applications which are found to have been made using false information will not be issued with a card or existing card holders acting fraudulently will result in the cancellation of their card.
    5. Any breach of these conditions will render the holder liable to prosecution.
    6. New / replacement cards will be issued at a cost of £10 within 10 days of receipt of a completed application / notification of lost, stolen or damaged.
    7. Surrey County Council is not liable for discount whilst an application or replacement is being processed.
    8. Cards remain the property of Surrey County Council and should be destroyed on expiry or termination of the scheme.
  15. Change of address - Card holders are required to inform Surrey County Council of any changes to their primary address. If the new address is outside Surrey, the card will be cancelled and must be surrendered.
  16. Exclusions
    1. The card is not valid on long distance coach or rail services or Transport for London (TfL) services.
    2. The card does not provide proof of age.
    3. The card does not entitle or guarantee carriage on any bus service at any time, or give rise to expectation of the continuation of existing services or provision of new services.
    4. Surrey County Council will not be responsible for any losses or damage suffered when travel is made with the card.
    5. Surrey County Council reserves the right to amend terms and conditions from time to time.