Forthcoming bus timetable changes

Both Surrey County Council and bus operators pledge to limit the number of times services change. However, there may be times when last minute changes to services will occur. These changes could be a consequence of unforeseen circumstances, customer requirements or the need to address operational issues.

New timetables are added to this section as soon as they are available.

18 October 2020

4/5 (Safeguard) - Earlier journey Monday-Friday from Park Barn and improved Sunday service

19 October 2020

616 (Hallmark Connections) - New service on school days (for students only) from Stanwell Moor, Stanwell and Ashford to St. Paul's School, Sunbury

1 November 2020

194 (Courtney Buses) - Late evening journeys withdrawn (not affecting Surrey)

12 December 2020

117 (Metroline) - Minor timetable changes

235 (Metroline) - Minor timetable changes