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Surrey's climate change strategy

The United Nations and the international scientific community have made clear the potentially severe global human, environmental and economic impacts that man-made climate change poses. The Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, recognised the need to accelerate actions and investment to combat climate change and pursue efforts to limit the future global temperature increase to 1.5°C. The potential implications if we do nothing for communities include increased risk of flooding and extreme heat, disruption to our critical infrastructure, networks and industry, and increased risk to our health and wellbeing.

Surrey's Climate Change Strategy (PDF) is our delivery on these ambitions. It provides a joint framework for collaborative action on climate change across Surrey's local authorities and other partners.

The strategy and its strategic priorities were developed through engaging with academic partners, residents, businesses, schools and emergency services through workshops, focus groups, resident panels, and commissioning groups. See how you can continue to be involved as we look to deliver our strategy.

To request an accessible or hard copy version of these documents or further information about the strategy please contact

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