Community partners and local history - Libraries volunteering

A number of volunteering roles within the library are available:

Community Partnered Libraries

Community Partnered libraries are part of the library network. Their volunteers deliver locally run and managed services which are supported by Surrey County Council staff. They are at:

If you are interested in getting involved with these libraries you will need to contact the volunteer organisation that runs each one directly. More information can be obtained from their webpages (follow the links above).

The time commitment involved varies, but a three to four hour session once per week is typical.

Local History Centres

There are a number of Local History Centres based in Surrey libraries. As a volunteer attached to a Local History Centre you would curate and collect research materials relating to the surrounding area for public use. You could also help to offer public advice sessions, mount displays and take part in specific historical research projects. Some people develop expertise in genealogy, and may help others to use related on-line resources. Each Local History Centre has its own management committee, so there are also opportunities to take part in running each Centre, as a treasurer, chair, secretary, publicity or newsletter editor. Remote research as well as in-library volunteering is usually possible.

You can apply to volunteer with Local History Centres supported by Surrey Libraries using the expression of interest form or contact them through the Library Information Service.

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