Our approach to environmental sustainability

Smarter Working for the Environment Policy and Action Plan

A healthy and properly functioning natural environment is the foundation of economic and employment growth, prospering communities and personal wellbeing. Our policy and action plan show the council's commitment to ensuring Surrey's local environment is sustainable and resilient to future change. We also need to manage our impacts where they reach beyond Surrey's environment.

Our five themes for action are:

1. Embedding sustainability: we will include environmental considerations in decision making across council services.

2. Climate change resilience: we will work with partners to build the resilience of our communities and estate to climate impacts.

3. Operations and estate efficiency: we will make our buildings, operations and services as resource efficient and low cost as practicably possible.

4. Procurement: we will work with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the goods and services they deliver for us and reduce our supply chains exposure to environmental risks

5. Air quality: we will reduce emissions from transport and improve air quality across the county through sustainable transport options.

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