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Surrey Heritage needs your help

Can you help us to preserve the past for the future?

Surrey Heritage holds a unique collection of records of historical importance. We work to make them publicly available at Surrey History Centre for everyone to use and enjoy, preserving and conserving these precious documents for future generations. They are carefully cleaned, dried and repaired (if necessary) before being catalogued, packaged in archive material, and stored safely in secure, environmentally controlled strongrooms.

This is where we need your support to help us continue our work.

Each specialist archive storage box costs us £4. The cost per box rises to £10 and often more if we add acid free folders, polythene sleeves for photographs, cotton archive tape, brass paperclips (to replace rusted and broken ones) and specialist packing for seals. When you multiply this by 5 million records, you can see why our costs are really quite significant!

We recycle and re-use materials as much as we can but our ultimate aim is to provide the best protection and care. This can often prove expensive.

Your donation enables us to continue this vital work and by donating what you can, you will help us preserve the heritage of Surrey, making it available to everyone for many years to come.

Why not volunteer with Surrey Heritage?

Whilst we always need financial help and support, we are also grateful for all the efforts of our team of volunteers, who help us with indexing, digitising and researching our archive collections.

In addition, we have dedicated volunteers who support the Surrey Archaeological Unit by researching, cleaning, sorting and processing archaeological finds, along with many other essential tasks.

Please contact us if you have an interest in history and time to spare. It's fascinating work and you will meet many other like-minded people. We also have some projects you can work on at home if you are unable to travel to the History Centre.

Here's how you can help

  • You will find a donations box in the Surrey History Centre foyer and we appreciate all contributions, large and small!
  • Donate online by debit or credit card
  • Send a cheque to Surrey History Centre, 130 Goldsworth Road, Woking GU21 6ND, UK
  • Join the Surrey History Trust which provides invaluable support for our work, enabling us to purchase Surrey documents, and contributing to our projects and events to promote and preserve the county's rich heritage
  • Volunteer with Surrey Heritage and enjoy many fascinating hours working with historic documents and archaeological discoveries
  • Spread the word! If you have visited the History Centre for whatever reason, let us know about your experiences here and if you have enjoyed your visit