Have your say - Asking questions at Cabinet and Committee meetings

Anyone who is eligible to vote in local government elections in Surrey can ask a question about general policies at meetings of the Cabinet and most of our committees. Different arrangements are in place for questions to Local Committees. Please contact the Local Committee and Partnership Officer for your Local Committee

At the start of each meeting, 15 minutes will be set aside for questions from the public.

Questions are taken in the order in which they are received and are answered by the appropriate Cabinet member or committee chairman. Following the initial reply, you are entitled to ask one supplementary question. If we cannot deal with questions within 15 minutes, we will answer them in writing.

For procedural reasons, questions cannot be asked about matters that are confidential or 'exempt' under the Access to Information Act. Questions should also be about general policies rather than specific details.

To ask a question, you must tell the Cabinet Business Manager in writing (by letter or email) at

Governance Lead Manager
Surrey County Council, Woodhatch Place, 11 Cockshot Hill, Reigate, RH2 8EF


This will give us time to prepare a full response. Your question will be given to all members who are at the meeting. Your name will be included in the papers and in the minutes of the meeting, unless you request anonymity.

The Planning and Regulatory Committee has additional rights to speak on planning applications.