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''Volunteering is a great experience that many people, particularly teens can benefit from. It teaches you lots of valuable skills, and helps with applying for future careers'' Macy

Macy, along with Abigail and Joe, volunteers at Brooklands Museum. Here are their stories about how they got involved and the benefits they've gained from volunteering.

What encouraged you to start volunteering?

''I got the idea from joining the Duke of Edinburgh Award at school. I thought volunteering would be a great educational experience that is interesting, exciting and great for encouraging me to get out of house and try something new!'' Macy

''I started volunteering after completing a two-week work experience placement for my college course. I continued volunteering on the VC10 by choice as I learnt so much on work experience.'' Abigail

How did you find out about volunteering at Brooklands?

''I found out about Brooklands through the internet, when I was searching for my volunteering options for DofE. I wanted to volunteer somewhere unique that I wouldn't necessarily be familiar with. I thought learning about aviation and cars would be really interesting. In addition to this their volunteering process was simple and easy.'' Macy

''After enrolling in DofE I was looking for volunteering options. I am quite interested in cars and planes and eventually found that Brooklands Museum offered places and was easily accessible.'' Joe

What does your volunteering involve?

''The majority of my volunteering was stewarding. I went around and taught people about the planes including the history behind them. I really enjoyed engaging with customers and teaching them. We also welcome customers and help them find their way around the museum.'' Macy

''I volunteer once a week and alternate between two roles, engineering and stewarding. Engineering involves repairs and dismantling of components etc. on the aircraft.'' Abigail

''I was also a steward. When you start you are given an induction to explain the role. I was given a map and learned the main parts of the museum so that I could help members of the public.'' Joe

What do you most enjoy about volunteering?

''My favourite part was engaging with people I wouldn't usually talk to. I made friends with other volunteers, but I also learnt interesting stories from a lot of the public. You'd be surprised how much you can learn from customers. I also enjoyed learning about the aircraft, I didn't know much before but the history is so interesting.'' Macy

''I enjoy all parts of volunteering, but the engineering side is what I enjoy the most and is what I am pursuing as a career in the future.'' Abigail

''I enjoyed meeting other young volunteers as we shared common interests. I also grew in confidence by talking and helping complete strangers. The scheme allowed me to complete the necessary work in three-hour chunks, rather than lots of one-hour visits. There was lots of flexibility when planning the visits so I could get the most out of my volunteering. My favourite was the Formula One simulator, it was very interesting to watch the public test out their skill and try to achieve the best time they could.'' Joe

What do you feel you get out of your volunteering and how might it help you in the future?

''Volunteering is really useful for gaining work experience. It helps you engage in outer school activities and take up new and exciting opportunities. It is so useful for teenagers when they are applying to their first job, because it can show the employer you have experience and dedication to working. Volunteering encourages you to engage with people you don't know and allows you to take an interest in something you may not necessarily think of learning about. '' Macy

''Volunteering offers a lot of opportunities to learn and has really helped me increase my knowledge on aircraft engineering. This will help when I am looking for work in the aviation industry in the future.'' Abigail

''Brooklands Museum has been a wonderful experience that has given me some new social skills and confidence. I would highly recommend it to other DofE students that need somewhere exciting to go. It was so good I even bought the t shirt! Good Luck!'' Joe

To find out more about volunteering at Brooklands, visit their website.

To speak to someone about volunteering where you live, get in touch with your local Volunteer Centre.

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